Becoming a Building Inspection Specialist

A building inspection specialist is a professional who performs structural and plumbing inspections on commercial buildings. They are responsible for ensuring that construction plans are accurate and meet building codes. In addition to performing these inspections, they also offer administrative support to the Building Department by responding to public inquiries, organizing work schedules, issuing building permits, electrical permits, and plumbing permits, and maintaining inspection records. This job requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

building inspection specialistTo become a building inspection specialist, you must have a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree in construction technology, architecture, or engineering. Some employers require a minimum of two years of study in these fields and may need an apprentice program. It is recommended to earn an Associate’s degree in construction technology or related fields at a community college. You take courses in mathematics, blueprint reading, and building inspection.

To become a building inspection specialist, you must have a high school diploma or GED. In many cases, employers require prior construction experience or completion of an apprenticeship program. In addition, a degree in architecture or engineering is desirable for this profession. In addition to a high school diploma, you may also need to obtain an Associate’s degree from a community college. The Associate’s degree should include courses in construction technology, blueprint reading, and mathematics. In addition, the education and experience of a building inspection specialist should be sufficient to become a valuable member of the construction industry.

A certification in building inspection is also required. A license from the American Society of Professional Engineers (ASCE) or another state is required for this profession. To become a building inspector, you need to complete a training program. There are many different routes to becoming a building inspection specialist. The most common way is to complete an apprenticeship program. Once you’ve graduated, you can earn a certification from an accredited institution.

Before becoming a building inspection specialist, you must earn a high school diploma or GED. Some employers, however, require applicants to have two years of engineering or architecture study. The other requirement is an Associate’s degree from a community college. You must have taken construction technology, mathematics, and building inspection courses to become a qualified professional. If you wish to work in this field, you must consider taking classes that prepare you for this profession.

As a building inspector, you must be a certified G.E. or a Licensed Electrical Contractor. This certification will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for this job. As a building inspection specialist, you will need a high school diploma and some experience in the construction industry. You must also have a high school diploma and work independently. You can also work as an assistant for a building inspector in a local government.